Loam specialises in creating healthy & nutritious food, which tastes great and looks beautiful. They develop nourishing and satisfying dishes to make you feel nurtured and energised.


Sophie Ridding, originally a set-designer working on sets for clients such as British & American Vogue, launched Loam after years of eating carb heavy on-set catering, cooked with little consideration to how it made you feel during, and after. Understanding the importance of eating well in a demanding job, as well as having a passion for cooking, she set about researching and creating a fresh approach to catering – and Loam was born.


Sophie’s interest in food and wellbeing began when she was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 15. Being told that the condition was incurable and could only be stabilised with serious medication, Sophie looked towards nutrition. After a long journey, she cured herself and picked up a lot of nutritional information along the way. Having such a personal interest in using food as medicine means that it’s second nature to cook meals, which will benefit you and make you feel great.


Based in Clapton, East London, Loam is available for any catering request, shoot or gathering.  Any questions regarding extra special dietary requirements, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.



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