Loam Burrata


Burrata with fresh anchovies, dill, lemon & pangritata, served with a fennel & cucumber salad


This is the EASIEST and most delicious supper you could possibly make, and tastes beautiful!


Shopping List

+ Buratta (1 per person)
+ Breadcrumbs  – whipped up from any old bread you have. Never throw any ends away, just keep them in the freezer for when you need breadcrumbs.
+ Smoked Paprika (a bit mixed in with the breadcrumbs to give them some more colour and flavour)
+ Fresh anchovies
+ Dill
+ Lemon
+ Good quality olive oil
+ Cucumber (Try and get ones with smaller seeds as they’re less sloppy)
+ Fennel bulb


– Whizz up your bread-ends with some smokey paprika, and add a little salt & pepper. Then toast in a bit of coconut oil till crispy. Set to one  side on some kitchen roll to soak up any excess oil

– Tear open you burrata and arrange on plate

– Halve the anchovies and arrange over the burrata, sprinkle over breadcrumbs, drizzle with olive oil, lemon rind, a bit of salt and a good pinch o’pepper

– For your salad, just cut up your cukes, and thinely slice your fennel. Toss in olive oil and the juice and
rind of half a lemon. Serve at once




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