Loam Rubbed Kale Salad

Being forever on the look out for a healthy, quick delicious lunch, I whipped up this tasty little treat in all of 10 mins.



* 1 x Head of kale, rinsed really thoroughly as there’s normally mud still attached in the folds of the leaves
* 1 x Small courgette (the smaller the sweeter, and with less starch)
* Mirin
* Gluten Free soy sauce
* Toasted Sesame Oil
* Fresh Ginger, coarsely grated
* Garlic
* Olive Oil
* S & P


Clean your kale, and tear the leaves from the woody stalks. Place in a bowl and drizzle over some good quality olive oil. 


Then get rubbin’! Rub the leaves together, until they change into a deliciously soft, silky texture, almost like seaweed. By manipulating the leaves in this way, you break down the tough cellulose structure, making it less bitter and very easy to eat!


Then, if you have one, get your Spiralizer out and noodle up your courgette. If you don’t have one, take a peeler and shave off length of your courgette, or just thinly slice.


Add some coconut oil to a pan, and on a low heat add a clove of garlic which you’ve chopped and crushed into a paste with a pinch of sea salt.


Stir in your courgette, and cook gently. This will cook down and start smelling delicious, and should be cooked after about 3-4 mins.


Remove from the pan, and add to your kale.


Take a clean, dry pan and gently toast your sesame seeds, being carefully not to let them catch in the hot pan. Normally the second they start to colour is the right time to remove them from the heat, and then just toss them in the residual heat from the pan.


Take your grated ginger and squeeze the juice of it over your kale and courgette. Then add your soy sauce, mirin, toasted sesame seeds and a good pinch of pepper, mix together. Tweak the salty/sweet twang to whatever your taste. Serve up and enjoy!


Kale Loam spilarized salad







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