Loam Nutty Ballers

It’s January, you’re back to work, Christmas is a warm ever fading memory and the spring seems like a life time away. Chances are you’re not feeling your best, post indulge, and you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to eat well! Join/use the gym! Be a better all round human being!


In an attempt to reach the January mantra utopia, I’ve made some alkalising gluten free, sugar free, chia seed packed nutty balls which will give you a massive lift and a good bit of protein to keep you full up. They may even power you through a little jog around the park.


The rough recipe is as follows, but you can use any nuts and seeds you have:


+ Handful of Pumpkin seeds
+ Handful of Almonds
+ 1 Large dessert spoon of chia seeds
+ 1 Large dessert spoon of coconut oil
+ 1 Large dessert spoon of coconut flakes
+ 3 Large pitted Medjool dates


In a dry pan, toasted your almonds and pumpkin seeds. When lightly golden and smelling delicious, add the coconut and lightly toast, until it has a bit of colour.


Place in a food processor (the one you probably got for Christmas) and add the chia seeds and roughly chopped dates. In the still warm toasting pan, spoon out your coconut oil and heat until it become liquid. Add this to your mix and BLITZ. Blitz until it makes a nutty, squishy consistency that you can make into balls which will hold.


Put them in an air tight container and store them in the fridge. They’ll keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks and make a perfect pre/post exercise snack.


Loam Protein balls





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