Loam Beet Leaf Juice


This weather’s pretty rubbish eh? In need of a mid afternoon pick me up,
I rummaged around the fridge, and found some frightened looking veg which
needed to be used up. Yes, I know that fruit and veg nutrition levels deplete the
older they get, but there’s nothing worse than throwing away perfectly good food
– and that’s what’s great about juicing.

Last week I bought a couple of bundles of beetroot which came with all of their
beautiful leaves still attached. Normally you’d just lop them off and discard them,
but they actually contain a whole load of minerals and vitamins and are a source of
phytonutrients which have antioxident, detoxification & anti-inflammatory benefits.

This juice was made of the following:

+ 3 Carrots
+ 1/2 Bunch of Parsley
+ A nugget of fresh ginger
+ 1 Apple
+ A good squeeze of lemon
+ All the leaves and stalks of 2 bundles of beetroot

 Give your beet leaves a good rinse to remove any grit. Juice everything, and drink.


Loam Beetroot leaf Juice




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