Loam Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl

Start your day the right way, with this bowl of low carb, amino acid packed bowl of goodness. Preview Changes



+ Chia Seeds
+ Almond Milk
+ Coconut Flakes
+ Pomegranate
+ Bee Pollen
+ Black Seed Oil (or Nigella Seed Oil)



Take your chia seeds & stir through enough almond milk to make a nice, thick gloopy
consistency. Set aside to thicken whilst you make the rest of your breakfast


Toast your coconut flakes, being careful not to let them burn – keep that pan moving!
You can do this in advance if you’re short on time, and keep them in the cupboard so
it’s just a case of grab n’ sprinkle


De-seed your pomegranate, banging it with the back of a wooden spoon into a bowl,
whilst loosely cradling it in your hand. Again, do this when you have time and leave it
in the fridge until you need them


Over the chia seed porridge, Scatter the toasted coconut flakes, pomegranate flakes,
1/2 a teaspoon of you been pollen & a drizzle of fruity black seed oil. Enjoy!


Loam Chia seed pudding


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