Loam Fresh Turmeric Curry


After a particularly full on weekend (congratulations Oli & Kate!), we really felt the need to eat something warming and comforting, which wasn’t going to leave us feel snoozy and rubbish afterwards.

I hopped on my bike and picked up a load of ingredients to create something which was going to hit the spot and make us feel human again.

After some therapeutic chopping and stirring, and with a bit of sweet, salty and sour flavour balancing, I made a turmeric curry with some fresh turmeric to really sooth and replenish our bods.

The recipe goes a little something like this:

Serves 4

For the below paste, whizz it up in your whizzer 3000

+ 3 X Stalks of lemongrass – outer tough bits removed
+ A little finger sized piece of turmeric, or 1 teaspoon of powdered
+ A thumb sized piece of galangal root or ginger
+ 1 X Teaspoon of coriander seeds
+ 5 X kaffir lime leaves
+ 1 – 2 X Red chilli, seeds in or however hot you want it
+ 1/2 Teaspoon of peppercorns
+ All the washed roots from your fresh coriander


+ 2 X Free Range chicken breasts
+ 4 X Banana shallots, or small red onions
+ About 5 kaffir lime leaves
+ 1 X Can coconut milk (try and get one that hasn’t got any rubbish in it)
+ Fresh Mint & coriander
+ Fish sauce & soy sauce
+ Desiccated coconut
+ Cabbage, pak choi, butternut squash or whatever you have in the fridge & need to use up
+ Rice noodles or rice to serve


– Griddle your chicken breast to get some good colour on it. Chop and set to one side

– In another pan, slowly fry your shallots or onions in some coconut oil until soft. Should take at least 5 mins

– Then add your chicken and nearly all your curry paste (you want to hold a bit back for later). Fry it off a bit and then add your coconut milk and a bit of water. Add your lime leaves and maybe another smashed but intact lemon grass stalk if you’ve got it . Combine, stir and cover. Let it simmer for 10 – 15 mins.

– Add your veggies, your fish & soy sauce sauce until you’ve got it to the right lip smacking balance.

– Add your remaining paste and dessicated coconut, and leave it for 5 mins, with the lid off slowly simmering

– Cook your noodle and chop your fresh herbs

– Sprinkle with herbs and serve. Feel that colour and warmth getting back in to your cheeks. Everything is going to be ok.


Turmeric curry


Pretty peelings






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